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December 01 2013


Logo design Illustrator or Photoshop: a never ending debate


When people ask question like which one to prefer, logo design illustrator or Photoshop, a never ending debate starts every time. Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator are both well-known software and are used for designing digital objects. Photoshop is known for designing and editing photos and Illustrator is known for designing and creating printed digital designs.

Difference between Illustrator and Photoshop

It’s really significant that one must understand the difference between Illustrator and Photoshop.

Photoshop is a bitmap photo processing software

Photoshop creates and processes images in Bitmap format and is ideal for editing, managing, creating, managing, modifying, and designing photographs which are structured in terms of pixels.

Primary use:

 Photoshop is widely used for manipulating digital images; adding, subtracting, coloring, and editing images; producing digital bitmap files; and preparing complex images for advance level processing. Summing up, Photoshop is used for manipulating pixels in a bitmap digital image.

Illustrator is vector based software

Illustrator is a program based on vector for designing and creating high quality printable digital designs. It operates by creating curves which are joined via anchor points. The anchor points can be edited, and will never alter the original file structure. Adobe Illustrator is used for creating different components in an image as separate objects which do not lose their quality like bitmap images created in Photoshop.

Primary use

Illustrator is used for creating schematics, business cards, maps, pamphlets, logos, and printed ads.

Wrapping up:

Logo design Illustrator or Photoshop can both be used for designing logos but to retain the quality of the logos, designers and artists prefer using Illustrator as created impressive designs which can be resized on hoardings, brochures, and business cards yet retaining the original image quality. So when confronted with the option of logo design illustrator or Photoshop, professional designers continue choosing Adobe Illustrator.



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